Our Products 

At EDIT we aim to offer high quality products as part of the comprehensive solutions that we provide our customers.
We want to make sure you are getting the correct spare part component, system or unit that covers your current safety needs. 

Our products range from original components, units and systems by our partners Fellow Kogyo, Komeco and Simex to our very own EDIT line of automation systems that we have developed over our many years of experience.

We are more than just suppliers

We aim to offer comprehensive solutions for your marine automation challenges through our team’s long-standing technical expertise, professionalism, and the trust that our customers have shown us.



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Range of Products


Fellow Kogyo


Our partner Fellow Kogyo is world renowned for their fully automated Oil Content Meters, the two primary models they offer are FOCAS-2000 and FOCAS-1800 that are both fully compliant with MEPC 107 (49).    


Simex having over 30 years of experience in industrial automation equipment can offer high quality and reliable solutions that can be applied seamlessly to the maritime industry. Their Multichannel Paperless Recorders can be paired with your Oil Content Meter, Inert Gas System or any marine automation system that has an output of 420 mA

EDIT Automation 

At EDIT we are well known for our problem solving skills. Part of this culture is reflected in the development of new automation systems at the request of our clients.

We take on a project from the initial design phase up to the final installation on-board thus over the years we have developed our own product range of automation systems.

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Year of Establishment

A well trained, well organized team focusing on making your vessel run problem free.

Combined Years of Experience

Our management team carries 88 years of combimned experience in the maritime sector.